About JCB

JCB Danceworks was established in 1984, under the sole direction of Jacqueline Cook-Barber.  It began with just 60 students in partnership with The Town of Richmond Hills Parks and Recreation Dept. The program grew in such magnitude that it became too large for the Town’s facilities.  Moving to a larger location and acquiring certified and talented staff, JCB became one of the top studios in the region.

Since JCB began its competitive company, JCB has achieved countless awards for outstanding choreography, creativity and top scores in all dance disciplines and ages. The combination of professionally trained choreographers, dedicated staff and students has resulted in the success of JCB Danceworks.

If you’re looking for experienced, qualified staff and a diversified dance program, then welcome to our studio.

Come join the JCB Family where children are given the opportunity to experience dance in a nurturing environment.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.